Band Bio

bio photo Natasha Sayer / Emily Triggs / Corry Ulan / Kathy Cook

Magnolia Buckskin members Corry Ulan, Natasha Sayer and Kathy Cook are excited about sharing their new CD titled "Die Laughing."

They have been winning the hearts of audiences for more than half a decade with their intriguing lyrics and captivating arrangements. A flavorful blend of grassroots, folk, and acoustic pop music highlights sweet harmonies, laced with banjo, accordion, clarinet, mandolin, bass and guitar. Songs from Magnolia Buckskin's last self-titled CD have placed within CBC's top 100 playlist.

"...alive and infectious with beautiful melodies and astonishing harmonies and songs that stay inside your heart and head long after they're over...." (Calgary Sun)

"These ladies are not only accomplished singers and songwriters but are fabulous musicians to boot ... a fine group of multi-talented females! They have beautiful singing voices...." (Calgary Country News)