Die Laughing

dl cd cover 1
Independent Release - 2015

"Die Laughing" is about focusing on what is important. It's about the choices we have when dealing with what is delivered to us in life. "Pick Up the Pieces", "Shore", and "Upbeat Song" convey similar motifs. 

A Christmas Pair

cdcoverxmas 2
Independent Release - 2010

A two song release featuring facets of the Christmas season. From Natasha Platt's most peaceful Christmas experience visitng her dad in Yellowknife to Emily Triggs' exploration into the fanatic Christmas Consumer.

Magnolia Buckskin

Independent Release - 2010

It's a fresh and fabulous bluegrass-scented folk recording, alive and infectious with beautiful melodies, astonishing harmonies and songs that stay inside your heart and head long after they're over.